From Screenplay, To Scene Drawings, To Comic Book Pages, To Web Series – “White Jade”… 13 Years In The Making

wjFrom Screenplay, To Scene Drawings, To Comic Book Pages, To Web Series – “White Jade”… 13 Years In The Making

In 2002, I moved to Eugene, Oregon for the second time

The first time had been to begin pursuing Film Making via Experimental Film Making with my Brother

But the second time was to work on Short Films with my Brother

To my frustration, my brother was unable to work on projects, due to his personal life which was falling apart… Something he had failed to mention whilst wooing me to return to Oregon to work on Film/Video Projects (I don’t mean to sound heartless, I had just moved my whole life there to do it, couldn’t get work there, etc. In the end, I think he really needed me there, so I’m glad it happened)

Out of frustration, I wrote a Short Film about two brothers…

Convinced him to give me an hour or so of his time…

And this was the Outcome

“If Not Now…”

“If Not Now…” was shot in about an hour and a half

My brother had never seen the Screenplay

I then submitted it to a New York Film And Video Festival, and got in

What does this have to do with “White Jade”?

During my 7 months time there, I stumbled into a Chinese Restaurant one night by myself, and a Film Story Concept came to me

But this story wouldn’t take place in China… It would take place in Future Japan

This story, was “White Jade”

White Jade Cover Book 1I went home after dinner, sat down, and wrote an 80 page First Draft…

…and sat it aside

My thinking was maybe I’d sell it someday, and use the money to fund my own Film Projects

That September, I went to New York with my Dad, and watched my Short Film “If Not Now…” on the big screen… It changed my life… I was a Filmmaker

Sadly 3 months later, I would end up in the hospital for 10 days

It was a combination of a 1 month long flu, and not being on my medicine for a year (I have an irregular heartbeat, but during 2002, I couldn’t afford my medicine)

The result, I weakened my heart… But this isn’t a sob story… And don’t worry, my heart was strong again within a few months

The problem was, they installed a device to protect my heart while it was weak, and this device ended up traumatizing me

Long story short, it zaps you if your heartbeat gets too fast, but it malfunctioned and read my irregular heart beat as a higher beats per minute… (This medical stuff will be over in a minute, I promise)

As it turned out, the device just needed to be adjusted, but by the time I found out, I had already received several shocks in a short time period, and have dealt with anxiety issues since

I’m not trying to make you sad here, it was just a bad series of events/accidents

Anyway, after the trauma, which was in July, 2003, I stepped away from Film Making, and turned to Screenplay Writing

The first thing I did was pick up my 80 Page First Draft of “White Jade”, and poured a couple hundred hours into Editing it into 2004

The finished product was 124 Pages (In film, one page equals a minute of Film)

I then wrote, and sent out a Query Letter (A short letter designed to tantalize an agent with your Story Concept) to several Agents, to no avail

I sat it down again

But in 2005 I picked it up again, and hired an Artist to draw me some Scenes from the Script…

Scene 4 of 4 Ti LiThese scenes were meant to be used as what I called ‘Eye Candy’

I would use them as Visual Aids to show the Story Concept to Investors who might consider purchasing the Screenplay

For some investors, reading the Screenplay isn’t enough for them to understand the Writers Vision

She drew me 4 Scenes… The one above, and

Scene 1 of 4 NayokoScene 2 of 4 Ben and Ti LiScene 3 of 4 NayokoI was so impressed with the drawings, that I decided to convert the Screenplay into a Comic Book, and hired her to Draw me a Cover, and the First 8 Pages

Page 8I loved them…

I then shopped the Comic Book Pages to two or three Comic Book Publishers, including “Dark Horse Comics”

Once again, to no avail

And so once again I sat the project down

Until 2012…

I had begun a Creative Writing Blog in 2011 (This Blog), and in 2012 Self Published a Poetry Book, a Novella, and an 8 Page Partial Comic Book, using the Pages that she drew in 2006

In 2013 I kinda took a break from Writing, as I had achieved my goal of averaging 1,000+ Words Per Day for a year and a half

But in 2015 I hit a point where I wanted to get back to Film Making, and so I created a Film/Video Production Company Called “Legends Productions”, which I intended to use to make Web Series, and Video Projects on YouTube

This is when I finally came to the realization that the only way I’m going to ever see “White Jade” realized, was to do it myself on YouTube

And thus, I’ve divided the 124 Page Screenplay into 16 eight minute long Episodes, and will begin shooting very shortly

The reality is I’ve wanted to be a Filmmaker since I saw the Original two “Star Wars” Films in 1977, and 1980, pursued it in 2000-2003, and basically sat down Film Making for the past 12 years

But with YouTube, and “Legends Productions”, I hope to return to it, and I hope all of you will join me on the Journey/Quest

“White Jade” is just the beginning…

Thanks for listening/reading


Here’s some info. for yah

Legends Productions YouTube Video Channel

Legends Productions Blog

White Jade Comic Book & Web Series Blog

Legends Productions Facebook Page

Legends Productions Twitter @LegendsProd


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