Riku – Trickery

740977001_186009Riku – Trickery

by dArKjAdE-







Riku smokes a cigarette like product, whilst looking out over the city of New York.

“What Lo Lin And My Aunt Aika have asked me to do is insane…”

Riku tosses the remains of the cigarette into the air and it blinks into smoke, as they are designed to do when discarded.

The sliding door leading to his balcony opens as he approaches it, and goes out on to the balcony.

It’s cold, but he doesn’t seem to notice…

Below thousands of Christmas Lights can be seen

“I Knew The Ukrainian Dictator Known As Mучити Had An Extreme Advantage Over The Rest Of Our Worlds Countries Via The Sheer Size Of His Army… But The Reality Is, He’s About To Conquer The World.”

Riku taps his wrist, and speaks into it “Hinata, I need you… Can you come?”

He puts his wrist down.

“But To Ask Me To Secretly Deliver Weapons To Each And Every One Of My Fans At Every Show… To Build Some Sort Of Secret Counter Attack… How Can I Possibly Have Anything To Do With That…”

Suddenly the entry of his room slides open, and a beautiful young Japanese girl comes in dressed scarcely…

“I am here,” she says as she bows, and heads towards Riku’s bedroom.

“No wait Hinata… Wait,” he speaks, which seems to take her off guard.

She approaches, and stands before him.

“What is it Riku?”

“There’s something I must share with you… But you must promise you will tell no one,” he explains as the two of them sit on his faux leather couch.

“Of course?” she replies

Riku goes on to explain that he will be traveling to 9 countries in the next two weeks, and what his country has asked of him…

She looks in shock… Stands… Paces, then turns towards him “You have to do this Riku… You have to!”


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