Thanksgivings Feast/Vegan Dishes & Ingredients


Some Of Thanksgivings Vegan Dishes & Ingredients

Okay, so I found a list of some dishes that we made a couple years back that were really good

Unfortunately I haven’t found the book with them in it yet, so preparation is not listed here, just Ingredients

I hope this helps and/or gives you some ideas

If I find the preparations I will post them as well

In addition to the dishes below will be Mashed Potatoes (Boil Potatoes, Mix Them With Vegan Butter And Almond Milk… Normally I Like Adding Curry, But Probably Not For Thanksgiving… Also Hit Em With A Bit Of Pepper If You So Desire)


Also Mom’s Maken Her Famous Coleslaw, But I Don’t Know That Recipe (Not Sure I Want To Know It… Tradition, lol)

She Makes Us A Vegan Version As Well As A Normal One

You’re Probably Safe With Cabbage, Veganaise, Almond Milk…

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