Take Pause… 2015… What Have We Learned… Have We Grown


Take Pause… 2015… What Have We Learned… Have We Grown

Let me start by saying, it was my, and many others opinion that 2015 was going to be a turning point year for us hear on Earth

And in my opinion, it has been



It is my true feeling that there are two sides of the fence to be on;

  1. Eyes Wide Open… The Planet Is Desperately In Need Of Change In The Ways That We As Humans Do Things
  2. Eyes Closed, Business As Usual, None Or Little Change


Over in France, something terrible happened…

And something symbolic happened

My heart goes out wholely to the people in France and their pain and loss


But shortly after, the Environmental Summit took place

And what that means to me, isn’t that all that we need to deal with was addressed… I can tell you that without doing any research at all

But what it does tell me, is things are obviously bad enough to have really scared everyone into some kind of movement

This is the side of the fence we need to be on

But, like I say, there are two sides of the fence



Democrat, Liberal, or Republican doesn’t matter to me in regards to one thing

Obama is a ‘True Hearted’ guy

Meaning, in my opinion, he has the best intentions in mind for we as a people… As well as the rest of the world

That said, obviously, not everyone agrees with everything that he does

But when we lose him as President I do believe we will be losing one of the most honorable Presidents I can think of

Perhaps I am not educated enough to say much, but in my heart of hearts, I believe this to be true


But what you’re looking at in the picture above, particularly the one to the left, is likely to be our future President… The one on the right… I’m shocked, but not completely surprised that he’s running

Bernie Sanders

And this guy… Well he’s just cool… But, his pure no B.S. blood and actions… Well lets just say, most of our country probably isn’t ready for such a cool dude


But the guy who scares me most in American Politics right now, is this guy… Paul Ryan… I was shocked, and horrified to hear he was running for House Speaker… And now, he is in fact the House Speaker.


Maybe some of you out there didn’t catch the Vice Presidential Debates when these two ran against Obama… But Paul Ryan is one scary dude.

And now he says he’s going to run the White House from Congress… Like I say… Scary


personal growth

Now for something a bit more intimate… Our own personal growth.

Personally, that has become a huge focus for me… And even more so for my romantic partner… She basically buys a book a month and reads it… I have read some of these books, and have learned much from them… But I’m not nearly the reader that she is



Part of ‘Personal Growth’ is ‘Physical Well Being’

This can include Diet, Working Out, Meditation

The reality of these three things is, not only that they have the potential to increase your life expectancy, they also make you feel much better, physically, emotionally, mentally, as well as making you all the more apt to deal with the trials in life



In the food zone, I’ve been a Vegan for a couple years now for several reasons… One, meat just started to feel heavy to me… Two, ‘Factory Farming’ looks to be the greatest threat to our environment… Three, the way they treat the animals prior to death is horrid

But there are a lot of vegans out there trying to make people feel guilty for eating meat and dairy… Lots of horrible pictures of hurt animals on Facebook… To me, this isn’t a good thing… And definitely not an ‘Inspiring’ thing

My thought is, rather than shake your righteous stick at people, why not instead show them how tasty vegan dishes can be

And so I created my James Cooks Vegan Blog for just that reason

But beyond that, a report I came across said if meat and dairy eaters were to reduce the amount they eat of dairy and meat, like maybe not eat it one or two days a week, the positive impact on the environment would be huge

Nuff said about that

working out.


In this area, my working out continues to be a random thing… Something I really need to increase… I do a bit of Qi Gong, Weights, Push Ups & Sit Ups … But I need do to it 3 to 5 days a week



In addition to learning Reiki this year, I’ve also done several meditations with my romantic partner, who is a Spiritual Healer

This has had a profound impact on me



In the Romantic Love department, I moved in with my Best Friend and True Love in June, and we’ve been working away at the trials and joy of being in a committed relationship

We were best friends for a year and a half before becoming a committed romantic relationship, which really helped to build a good foundation… But it’s always work, no matter how much you love someone

And in the Family Love department, Family is very important to both of us, and at the moment we are staying with my family until we get on our feet… But we are constantly in touch with her family as well

For me, a lot of Joy and Strength can come from all sorts of love


Well, I think this Post is long enough, lol

Perhaps I will do another Post covering other important areas prior to the New Year

I hope all of you have had a good 2015, and I know I’m definitely excited/interested to see what is going to arise in 2016

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