Son Of Stars


Son Of Stars

You are…

An Enigma

You are

A coin toss in the night

Your roots…

Do not belong here

Your light

Unmeant or known beyond you

Some say we’re lucky…

But I know better

Suave Hair…

Perfect… Sweater

You are grace

You are a friend

A source…

That never ends

You are beautiful

Rivaling the stars…


Jupiter and Mars

Pin drop silence

Captured breath

You’re larger than life…

Amongst muggy death

You are my friend…

I hold you dear

Take my hand…

Hear the rain

Powder blue moonlight…

Spread throughout



Your shadowy, light


Everything changes…

Hope pulls from light

Heart beats rapidly

Can you call this…


I am alone

They say we all are…

But we’re not

We never were

I’m sorry for our loss…

Sorry for heavens gain

Sorry I didn’t meet you

Have a handshake

Exchange names

It takes time…

Or so they say

But hasn’t time taken enough…

I need this day

The Rest Is Silence


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