Maliad The Traitor

Maliad The Traitor… Chapter I of my Dungeons & Dragons Character Storyline

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


“Maliad The Traitor”

by James Mahoney

CHAPTER I – Traitor

The snow storm had hit much harder than expected…

The North Eastern mountainsides of the Borne Mountains, were covered in 4 feet of snow…

And this was what the Northern White Orc Maliad contested with as he fought his way towards the great Indo Sea Cliffs, hunted by a party of White Orc Warriors…

Quarrels whizzing by him, one finally struck his left shoulder… But he did not flinch… One quarrel would not bring down a form as vigorous as a White Orc… Especially he

Finally reaching the cliff, he looked down hundreds of feet upon the icy waters of the Indo Sea, crashing against the many jagged rocks of its’ shores…

“What have I done” went through his mind

“Treason… There was no other word for it”.

Just then, two of the White Orc Warriors were upon him…


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