Allure (Book Two) Seers Of The Night – Chapter VII

In September Of 2012, I Began Writing And Posting The First Draft Of My Second “Allure” Novella, “Seers Of The Night”. 

I Then Stepped Away From Writing For A While, But Find Myself Drawn Back Again.

Here Are The First 6 Chapters Of This Second “Allure” Novella, Which Is As Far As I Got.*

*keep in mind none of this is Edited

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


And Now The Continuation Of “Seers Of The Night”

la fon


“Seers Of The Night”

by dArKjAdE

CHAPTER VII – In Walks Aram






Vincent stands near Nolan Prosk’s desk who sits behind it, lighting a cigarette.

La Fon begins to speak.

“I’m not here to stop you Prosk… But it’s important that the Vampire Clans know, that I do not agree with what’s about to happen in the streets.”

Nolan smiles a bit, then looks at Vincent who has not completely integrated the fact that La Fon is standing there… Memories of the two of them hunting for blood in the old country flashing through his head.

“And what am I supposed to do… Shoot them out a memo?” Prosk says sneeredly.

La Fon does not flinch… He doesn’t move a muscle.

With this, Prosk remembers himself, and stands,”Forgive me La Fon… Perhaps I’ve spent too much time around the humans… What would you have me do?”

La Fon steps closer, leaning his fists against the top of Prosk’s desk.

“Send them a memo (With this, Vincent smiles to himself)… Tell them that La Fon has come to you, that he does not believe he is truly meant to lead the clans into a battle against the humans… That it is you that feels this Myth of Cave Drawings be true… That it is you that intends to follow the prophecy at your own accord. I want nothing to do with it… Will you do this for me Prosk.”

Prosk ponders the request for a moment… “Very well…” and extends his hand to La Fon, who turns and begins to walk away… But then stops, and looks at Vincent.

Vincent stares at La Fon, his eyes beginning to glow, “The girl…” he semi growls.


Aram and Roy, both dressed completely in black, Roy’s hair now dyed black as well, enter the club side by side.

Aram immediately takes note of all the Vampire bodyguards staggered along the left and right wall…

Roy takes note of where she is looking.

She then begins to enter the club’s dance floor, and indicates with a wave of her hand for Roy to guard the front door…

Roy whose come into the club with two sawed off shot guns on his back.

Where Aram bares her large auto crossbow, and two silver samurai swords at her side.

Suddenly La Fon enters the main part of the club, his eyes glowing red, he can’t help but smile menacingly in Aram’s direction.

Aram stops and stares at him.

Roy, in shock, speaks in inadvertently, “Good lord… It’s La Fon.”

In a moment La Fon appears standing directly in front of Aram.

“Hello Aram,” with this he reaches for her hand to kiss it, but she already has a sword at his throat.

People on the dance floor spread apart, but do not try to leave out of fascination… “Is this real?” they think.

Just then Prosk appears through backroom doorway, Vincent at his side, and simply watches… Not really caring either way.

Philip appears at Prosk’s side, “Should we kill them?”

Prosk simply shakes his head indicating no.

“Come now…” La Fon speaks as he suddenly appears behind her, “…it’s been a long time.”

She loses her breath, but not because she is scared… She is not scared.

The music changes, and he starts to dance with her… But first he puts her sword back in its’ sheath.

She is captivated by this… The power he seems to have over her is immeasurable… But not the typical Vampiric power he might have over others… No… This power reaches into her heart.

Roy looks very uneasy by all of this…

Suddenly three large bearded men step into the club behind Roy, his body stiffens immediately…

They stand off to the side of him, their hair an unusual mix of silver and blond… They look different, and yet similar.

The leader of the three watches La Fon and the girl with a sneer… Then suddenly looks slowly over at Roy who is staring directly at him…

The leader’s eyes appear to be silver but go purple for a moment.

“Lycanthropes (Werewolves)…” speaks Roy without thinking.

Meanwhile the dancing continues, and Aram is lost in it…

Prosk seeing the Lycanthropes enter nods at the leader, and the three of them head towards the back of the club… Vincent, Prosk, Philip and the three Lycanthropes disappear into the backroom.

Suddenly Aram awakes from her trance, and takes several steps back towards the entrance… Roy steps forward and grabs her shoulder, “Are you alright?” he asks…

“Yeah… I’m ok…” they look back to the dance floor and La Fon is gone.

Suddenly Philip appears from the backroom and motions for the Vampiric Bodyguards to seize Roy and Aram…

“Lets get out of here…” Aram speaks, and the two of them step out of the club.

Outside is waiting a black sports car, its’ passenger door open, and La Fon is in the drivers seat.

He waves for Roy and Aram to get in…

For some reason Aram feels it’s ok, and the two of them get in, Aram sitting on Roy’s lap, as it is a two seater vehicle…

Just as the Vampire Bodyguards exit the club to find Roy and Aram, La Fon takes off…



There is an eerie, awkward silence within the car, as La Fon, an Ancient Vampire, Aram, a Vampire Slayer, and Roy a Werewolf Hunter don’t seem to have all that much to speak about…

Or do they…

“There were Werewolves in that club,” Roy suddenly says.

“Yes… The Blueboun Pack… Scout is their leader,” La Fon replies.

“Werewolves? Here?? In New York?” Aram seems totally surprised, beyond the fact that they’re talking about Werewolves.

“Werewolves generally steer clear of cities… But yes,” replies La Fon once more.

“Lucky they didn’t know who you were,” La Fon speaks to Roy.

“True that…” Roy replies.

“I’d completely forgotten that you hunt Lycanthropes…” speaks Aram.

“Yes… Well… Your Uncle has kept me quite busy trying to hunt down… Er,” Roy pauses as he looks over at La Fon.

“Me? I’m complimented… Too bad you’ve spent the last two years of your life in New York for that, as tonight is the first time I’ve ever been here.”

Roy looks put out…

“What’s happening La Fon? Why are there Lycanthropes meeting with Vampires?” Aram interjects.

“Ah, now that’s the question now isn’t it… But I feel we should wait for me to answer, until we’re in the company of your Uncle… No point in repeating myself,” he says with a smile, as the car tears down the road.







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