“White Jade” Character Development + Pre-Production Update #9

My Latest “White Jade” Web Series Update

Legends Productions

Character D PP9

“White Jade” Character Development 


Pre-Production Update #9


In the last three weeks, I have begun Character Development with my Current Cast Members


Starting with my Leading Actress Kait (Nayoko)

She presented me with a preliminary overview of her Character, followed with several questions. I will be getting together with Kait soon to work more thoroughly on her Character which, due to it’s Story Importance, will have an impact on many of the other Characters Development.

Ti Li Carlos Chang

Next came Carlos (Ti Li) who Kait and I have had several strong Character conversations with. Carlos relates very heavily with this Character, and thus his development has gone very well.

We got together with Carlos on May 28th to work with Carlos on Character Development and it went really well.

Joshua Moon

And yesterday, 6/4, I met Joshua (Mr. Doi) for the first time in person, and we had a very successful session…

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