“White Jade” Update 10 – August 1st-October 31st Goal

Back At It The 3 Month Push Is On

Legends Productions


“White Jade” Web Series (Update 10) – PreProduction/Production

There was a slight pause in Casting while I mustered up some funds to get us some Essential Gear.


  1. Canon T5i HD Video Camera
  2. RODE Go Boom Mic
  3. Tri-Pod
  4. Camera Case
  5. 32GB Memory Card
  6. 16GB (x2) Memory Cards
  7. Green Screen
  8. Lights
  9. Camera Lens (18-55)
  10. HDMI to HDMI Mini Cable
  11. Misc. Camera Stuff


Pre-Production of “White Jade” began on March of this year, and carried us through June. In that time I secured the following Cast and Crew.



Executive Producer/Writer/Director/Producer/Editor – James Mahoney

Associate Producer/Assistant Editor – Kaitlin Q. Calkins

Visual Effects/Second Unit Director – Sebastian Cudmore

Co-Producers – Carlos Chang/Ronda Mahoney/Sebastian Cudmore

Artistic/Production Design – James Mahoney & Sebastian Cudmore (With Input from Kaitlin Q. Calkins)

Music Supervisor/Composer – Setha Purity

Fight Designers – James Mahoney & Carlos Chang (With possible input from Sebastian Cudmore)

Fight Choreographer – Carlos…

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