“Suicide Squad” – Text Review


“Suicide Squad” – Text Review

I recently saw “Suicide Squad”, and Texted my bro a basic Review…

Here it is

will smith

“Will Smith killed it…”

other characters

“Other characters were good, accept Katana (The Japanese Girl In The Middle) who was completely contrived…”


“The Joker was like ice/made of glass very in and out cool…”

“Good soundtrack…”


“The Bad Guys (Who the Suicide Squad battled) were eh…”


“Guy called Flag was cool…”


“To my surprise it wasn’t stylized enough very conventional safe Directing (Surprising as this Director did a great job on “Fury”… The Trailer is much more Stylized due to its’ Editing)… Would have been 10 times cooler if it was… Felt like they cut scenes out but it’s two hours so would and should have been two films… I know it will have a sequel but I mean the content in this film needed more room to breathe… Overall good (The Film that is) The Music elevated it if it was Directed better it would have Complimented it and gone to a higher level”


Overall Review

Definitely Worth Seeing

7.5 Out Of 10


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