“White Jade” Manifesto – Part One

My “White Jade” Manifesto (Part One)

Legends Productions

White Jade Cover Book 1

“White Jade” Manifesto – Part One

Leia Rescue

As I may have mentioned to some of you already, what inspired me to become a Filmmaker was seeing the Original Two “Star Wars” Films when I was 8 and 11 years old.

Star Wars Movie Poster 2

“Star Wars”, and “The Empire Strikes Back”.

What I may of also mentioned is, the most important elements/components of Film to me are Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope.

For example, though “Star Wars” is set in a magnificent world of spaceships, laser guns, and two sun planets…


And though it is supported and empowered by one of the most memorable and inspiring soundtracks you could imagine…


For me, “Star Wars” is a sometimes Light, sometimes Dark, piece of Theater-esq Melodrama, filled with colorful and inspiring characters, partaking in an excellently executed Theme of ‘Good verses Evil’…

A young man on a seemingly Insurmountable Quest…

Luke and Yoda

At his side, a neurotic almost ‘mothering’ like…

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