“White Jade” Manifesto (Part Two)

Part Two of my “White Jade” Web Series Manifesto

Legends Productions

White Jade Cover Book 2

“White Jade” Manifesto (Part Two)

(Part One For Those Who Have Not Read It)

In Manifesto Part One I Explained How The Most Important Components To Film For Me As A Filmmaker Are Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope… I Demonstrated Via The First Two “Star Wars” Films


I shall now explain how it is applied in “White Jade”

Both in the Writing of it, and now within the execution of bringing it to Film/Video/Web Series via YouTube


Cast Aug 10

(Current Cast)


(Current Crew)

Joe Greene

(Future Cast)

First of all before we begin, I ask of you this…

Be impassioned…

Be the blood that pumps through the Digital Veins of this Story, and Production

Ti Lis

Use what you have learned both in your Craft, and in your Life, prior to the undertaking of this project.

Let what you have learned in your…

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