“White Jade” Update 12 – 23 Days Into Push

My latest “White Jade” Web Series Update

Legends Productions

WJ Update 12

“White Jade” Web Series Udate 12 – 23 Days Into The Push

On August 1st, we began our 3 Month Push to Complete Pre-Production of the “White Jade” Web Series, and with any luck, and much work, begin Shooting/Filming in October.

Here’s Where We’re At


Joe Greene

We had a successful Meeting/Audition with our potential Detective Ben Wayne actor, Joe Greene

And thus, we have our Three Lead Actors!

wj leads

This for me as the Director, is amazing

Supported by what is becoming a solid Supporting Cast

supporting cast

Not only have I found some strong talent to bring “White Jade” to life, but I truly feel that we have moved beyond the halfway point of our PreProduction

I’m also in touch with two other Actors who I’m hoping to bring onboard


Just an update, I did research a Restaurant that had a perfect Meeting Room for two of our scenes, but unfortunately the…

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