“White Jade” Update 17 – Two Steps Forward One Step Back

My Latest “White Jade” Web Series PreProduction Update!

Legends Productions


“White Jade” Update 17 – Two Steps Forward One Step Back

It’s Been 14 Days Since Our Last Update

My August 1st To October 31st Push I Feel Has Been A Success

The Project Has So Much Momentum, I Had To Ease Off The Gas Last Week For Sanity Sakes, lol

Yes, I Took Friday, Saturday And Sunday Off “White Jade”

Here’s What’s Been Up Since The Last Update



In Addition To Lighting, Sebastian And I Have Been Going Back And Forth With Sound, And Even A Bit About The Possible Music That Will/May Be Used For The First Of The Two Mr. Doi Scenes Shot On September 21st



In A Nutshell, When There’s A Lot Of Silence On Set, DSLR Cameras (Which Is What I Purchased For This Production) Raises The Sensitivity Of The Mic, Which Creates A Hiss

After Investigating Online, Talking…

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