Film Making – Inspiration (TRON: Legacy)

I’ve Been Taking Kind Of A Break On Film Making This Last Week Or So… And During This Time I’ve Been Watching Some Films That Inspire Me… Two Thirds Into It I Actually Took Out My Camera And Aimed It At The T.V. For These Shots;

TRON: Legacy


Flynn And His Son Wait To Make A Move

(Just Liked The Look Of This Shot)


Flynn (The Creator) Arrives In Zeus’s Club

(My Favorite Moment Of The Film, Still Gives Me Chills When I Watch It)


Another Great Shot Of Flynn Arriving In Zeus’s Club

(The Drama… He Is, ‘Neo’ Obi Wan)


Flynn Secures Transportation To The Portal

(Ala Obi Wan “These Are Not The Droids You’re Looking For…”/Force Style – TRON Translation via Reprogramming + A Swift Bonk To The Guard’s Head)


Look No Hands!

(That’s A Glowing Disk Flying By Her On The Left, Great Moment)


Flynn Calls Them To The Ship He’s Secured

(Pretty Crazy Shot)


Flynn On The Bridge Leading To The Portal

(Sacrificing Himself Ala Obi Wan/Luke Skywalker Style… Such Drama… Some Of This Story Is So Shakespearean)

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