“White Jade” Update 18

My Latest “White Jade” Web Series PreProduction/Production Update!

Legends Productions


November Has Arrived

Overall, I am very happy with what we achieved during our Aug 1st-Oct 31st Push

Now For The Update




Film Shoot Two Was Originally Set For Oct 23rd, Then Tentatively For Oct 27th, Unfortunately We Had To Move It Forward

The Good News Is, We Have Received All Of Our Audio Upgrades, And Are Ready To Go Sound Wise!

We Also Received Our Disks For Video Recording


Kait’s (Nayoko) Jacket Also Arrived, And It Is Cool


Also Angelic Darius (Sebastian) Has Nearly Completed Ben’s Fake Gun For His Scenes

He’s Just Going To Add A White Piece Of Leather Around The Handle


And Our Makeup Artist Emi Is Coming This Thursday To Show Kait How To Make Herself Look At Least Partially Japanese


Here’s What We’re Still Waiting On Before We Reschedule The Shoot


1. Still Working On Joe’s (Detective Wayne’s) Jacket……

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