Warriors Of Light – Borgodan Paladin Of Blue Hawk


Warriors Of Light – Borgodan Paladin Of Blue Hawk

by DarkJade


“Good Paladin, you best not travel alone, the elements alone in teh Northern Mountains offer much peril…”

“Let alone the White Orc Legeions of Kor.” implored the Priest of the Netago Village, south of the Northern Mountain Gates.

With a dismissive smile, Borgodan, a Paladin of the Blue Hawk Order, patted the Priest’s shoulder in thanks…

“I will be illusive, and constantly aware, I promise you good Priest.”

“But I must go now, my preparations are in order, and I want to make camp prior to sun set.”

“You’ll see no sun there…” came a gravely voice from behind the Paladin.

Borgodan, a large man, 6’6″ in height, weighing some 250lbs, turned to face the man speaking…

…only to see another large fellow, 6’3″, 225lbs, so not quite as large…

However this man bore wolf fur cloaks and boots, and held a large two handed axe which he leaned against, as it leaned on the ground.

Also on his back was a double crossbow, not common, though nothing about this man rang common.

Borgodan, with black hair, and dark brown eyes met the deep blue eyes of the other, fair haired man.

Meanwhile the Priest, on seeing the wolf furred man, quickly left.

“Why say you this, Wolf Hunter?” Questioned Borgodan.

“The weather… There is the beginning of a great storm in the direction you look to travel.”

“I see…” responded Bogodan who, unfazed by the man’s words, mounted his great black warhorse, rightly named ‘Order’, his white and silver armour making him look almost mythical.

Upon his back a great two handed sword.

“I’ll be fine–“

“Nathe… The name is Nathe…” injected the man.

“Nathe… Right… Well… Peace be with you…” Bogodan spoke as he rode off.

“That man’s going to die…” spoke Nathe under his breath.

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