Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney


Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

Episode I

by DarkJade


In the forest region of the Northlands, south of the Northern Mountain Gate, is a town called Widdle Ben.

And at the center of this town, The Red Dragon Tail Tavern and Inn.

A not all that smart Dwarven Cleric enters…

“I need a drink” he speaks.

“Not too much now ODLE… We are Clerics of Grey Ring after all, and must stay to our purpose…” Speaks a second, tall, but very think Cleric.

“Ahh… You’re no fun CHEMNEY…” Proclaims Odle, as he takes a seat at the bar.

“Two waters please!” speaks Chemney to the bartender jovially.

The bartender, not a friendly looking fellow, approaches.

“We don’t serve water here… Wine, or ale, which will it be…”

“Um… A wine for me, and a tankarnd of ale for my Dwarven friend here…” replies Chemney.

“Aye… Now you’re talking…” Odle interjects.

Odle goes about drinking while Chemney scopes out the place.

There must be 40 or so inhabitants, from Elf, to Dward, to Human to Halfling within the Tavern.

“Hmm… How does one seek a Thief after all?” Chemney speaks under his breath.

“They find you,” replies a blond female, with a scar across her face, in a cloak sitting next to Chemney.

“Oh, hello there… I am Chemney of the Order of Grey Ring…”

“Yes, yes would you like this back?”

The girl holds up Chemny’s pouch of silver coin.

“My words, are you a Thief?” he speaks.

“Well, you’re smarter than you look, I’ll give you that,” she replies as she drops his pouch in front of him.

Chemney, who seems unconcerned about the purse, speaks quietly.

“We have need of a Thief…”

The girl laughs…

“Are you not men…” she looks at Odle who has ordered his second ale, “and Dwarves of the cloth?”

“Yes, indeed we are, but never you mind, do you want the job?” asks Chemney.

“Yes,” she replies.

“Odle! Odle! We have our Thief!”

Odle does not seem interested.

“Don’t we need a mage as well…” Odle grumbles.

“I’ll find you a Mage,” speaks the girl as she disappears into the crowd.

An hour later, Chemney, tired of waiting, helps Odle out of the Tavern.

But Odle is a Dwarf, so 8 ales later, he’s still fairly sober.

“I guess we lost her–” Chemney starts to say.

“I’m here… And I’ve found you a Mage.”

Chemney turns to see the Thief, and next to her a young black haired girl, with brown eyes.

Wearing a green cloak, brown boots, red pants and a yellow tunic.

“Hello,” she speaks and waves.

“I am SPAREN the Conjurer…”

“I don’t know about this…” Chemney seems suspicious of it all.

“Oh come on Chemney!” speaks Odle as he reaches out and shakes her hand a bit too tightly.

“Lets be on our way already.”

Chemney shrugs a bit, then hands both Sparen, and…

“What is your name Thief?”

“Vyle…” she replies.

“Oh… Well…” …each two gold coins and they’re off.


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