Warriors Of Light – Tora & Hannah


Warriors of Light – Tora & Hannah

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II


In the Plains of the Southern Region of the North Lands, TORA, a Good Paladin of the Fire Tree Order, quickly gathers traveling gear, as she prepares for a great journey north.

Tora is 5’8″, black haired, brown eyed, in her mid twenties… Her armour is gold in color, and her hooded cloak a dark blood red.

“Hello Tora…” comes a voice from the entry to her chamber.

Tora looks up at her good friend Hannah, a Cleric and Curate of the Order of High Sky…

Hannah is the polar opposite of Tora at 5’4″ tall, blond hair and blue eyed… Though she is a few years younger than Tora, she has been training longer.

Where Tora is clad in gold and dark red, Hannah wears grey and blue.

“I don’t have time for lectures right now Hannah… My brother is in danger…”

“Borgodan? (Read About Borgodan in Episode I) The illustrious Paladin of Blue Hawk? Destined for greatness… This Borgodan?” Hannah says with a smirk.

“My brother is a fool… One can hardly seize their ‘destiny’ from the grave…”

Tora looks around, throws her bag and back pack over her shoulders…

“That’s it then,” Tora strides towards the doorway, “farewell Hannah.”

Just as Tora passes, Hannah speaks…

“I’m going with you Tora…”

Tora halts, and faces her, “What?”

“How much do you think a Paladin less trained then he, and alone, is really going to be able to help him…”

“Well, I–” Tora tries to respond.

“…don’t get me wrong… You are a gifted one to be sure… But the long road there is riddled with perils, and may alone stop your journey…”

Hannah takes Tora’s bag off her shoulder, and puts it on her own.

“Trust me Hannah… This is best for both you, and your brother.”

Hannah stands perfectly still as if awaiting Tora’s ok.

“Yes… A healer… A healer along is a wonderful thing… Good thinking.”

And with this they both make their way out of the room

“Not to mention, you don’t even have a horse… But I do,” Hannah’s words echo through the hallway.


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