Warriors Of Light – Dane


Warriros of Light – Dane

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III


Dane, a Fighter by trade, and Hero to his Village of Rona, left just after the sun had risen.

Leaving behind his young Sister, Sarah.

Word has spread of a large number of White Orc Legions gathering in the North, and he felt investigation in the name of the safety of his small village was imperative…

Rona, being near the Merchant Port of Varamore, meant that the option of escaping any type of insurgence would be easy enough…

But Rona is his, and his people’s home, and so that is not what he desires.

Dane is a 6′, 200lb man, in his late twenties.

His eyes are blue, hair shoulder length and dark brown of color.

He rides a White Horse by the name of Scarlet.

His armour is grey, and he wears a maroon cloak, a light grey shirt, with dark grey pants, and black boots.

It will be a long journey scouring the Mountain Regeion of the North Lands…

But it’s what he must do.


2 Responses to “Warriors Of Light – Dane”

  1. This is an excellent series. I think you should get some professional editing done and get it published.

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