Warriors Of Light – Nathe


Warriors of Light – Nathe

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV


Nathe (Nathe’s First Appearance Was In Episode I) followed the Blue Hawk Paladin from a distance across the mountains which would lead to the Mountain Region of the North Lands.

He road his Great Dire Wolf, and for the most part, merely followed the Paladin’s War Horse’s tracks.

It wasn’t until the third day that Nathe came upon Borgodan (The Blue Hawk Paladin, First Appearance In Episode I As Well), sitting on his black warhorse, staring ahead at a large bridge leading where he needs to go.

Nathe rides up next to him.

“How long have you been following me… The whole way,” Borgodan spoke, never taking his eyes off the bridge.

“What is it? What do you see…” questions Nathe.

“Trolls… Three or four of them I think.”

“Well, that’s not good… I’m surprised they haven’t smelled us already,” replies Nathe.

“Hmmff… Agreed,” speaks Borgodan.

“I’m not sure even the two of us can take three or four of them,” continues Borgodan.

“Let’s not find out… There’s a hidden route to the east, follow me…” speaks Nathe.

Nathe rides off to the east, Borgodan following close behind.

The two of them head through this hidden path for an hour or so, before breaking through to a stream of water.

Nathe gets off his Dire Wolf, and fills his wine skin with  water… Then pours some over his head.

Snow covers part of the ground.

Borgodan appears at his side, kneels, and fills his wine skin as well.

“Why are you hear Wolf Hunter?” questions Borgodan.

“This is a tough terrain… Only a fool would travel alone,” Nathe looks at Borgodan who smiles back smugly.

“I am a Paladin… We are not easily slayed.”

“Perhaps… But I felt inclined to accompany you… Also, if these White Orc Legions do exist, it will be bad for trade… Which is how I make my living,” replies Nathe.

“Lets move,” speaks Nathe, he then mounts his Dire Wolf, and continues forward…

Borgodan smiles, then mounts his horse, and follows.


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  1. Absolutely fantastic especially with your pic.

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