We Mustn’t Forget who we are…

We Mustn’t Forget where we’ve been

These Dark Strains upon our Mind…


Our Soul

We Mustn’t Forget where we’re going…

The Truths we’ve seen

The Knowledge hard earned…

Life isn’t easy

Nor was it meant to be…

We like our Challenges

Our hopes…

Our Dreams

Each of us has a Song

Each of us needs to scream…

What holds us

Binds us…

What Leaves Us

Times us…

We are not alone

Completely alone

We are not Perfection…

It is not known

Circles of Light

Blue Blue Plight…

The Nightfall is upon us

The Daylight will become us

We are not known



2 Responses to “Nightfall”

  1. A lovely poem and pic.

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