Warriors Of Light – Battle On The Border Of Tyr


Warriors of Light – Battle At The Border of Tyr

by DarkJade

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Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode XI) froze in ah as the sheep thrown by the Frost Giant struck the ground before them…

Surprisingly, Chemney was the first to react, quickly putting a stone in his sling, and hurling it at the Giant…

…but missed completely.

Sparen than thrusted both of her arms and hands forward, and spoke three magical words, “Wen Ple Sor”, and a flash of light struck the giants eyes, blinding him…

“AHHHH!” yelled the Frost Giant.

“Come On!” yelled Odle, who directed the group towards running around the Giant, with hopes of reaching the Kingdom of Tyr Forest before the Giant had regained his site…

Vyle ran quickly passed the Dwarf, as he wasn’t all that quick…

Meanwhile the Frost Giant continued to pick up sheep, and hurl them in the Parties general direction… but didn’t hit any of them.

Sparen didn’t move… She instead conjured a magic missile and sent it at the Giant, hitting it in the arm…

“Rarr!! You’ll pay Mage!!” yelled the Giant, whose vision suddenly returned.

Chemney launched another small rock at the giant, but it did no harm… “Sparen, make for the Forest of Tyr!!” yelled Chemney at the Mage.

Vyle, hearing how Sparen had stayed back, stopped running, though she was half way to the Forest…

She kneeled, and launched an arrow at the Giant, but it whacked it out of the air.

The Frost Giant then ran full speed towards Sparen, who didn’t look to be moving at any time soon…

Odle stopped as well, cocked back his crossbow, and let loose a shot…

…but the bolt launched way off target.

“Woops,” spoke Odle in embarrassment.

“Make For The Forest!” yelled Sparen.

Chemney then realized that they should listen to the Mage, “Listen to her… Run!”

Vyle and Odle looked at one another, then made towards the forest…

Chemney as well…

The Frost Giant had nearly reached Sparen when she suddenly disappeared…

“RARRRR NOOOO!” yelled the Giant in frustration… He then started to swing around at air in hopes of finding the vanishing Mage.

Twenty minutes later, somewhat into the Forest of Tyr, Vyle, Odle and Chemney sat by a tree…

Worrying… Waiting… Wondering.

When suddenly Sparen appeared.

“Phew, I hope they have a banquet waiting for us at Tyr,” spoke Sparen with a smile…

Vyle grabbed Sparen and gave her a great hug, “You foolish girl,”… Then realizing she had ’emoted’, withdrew.

Odle grabbed onto Sparen’s hand, “You saved us Mage… You were spectacular,” he exclaimed.

Chemney on the other hand peered back towards the hills where they had battled the Giant… “A bit south for a Frost Giant…”

The Party then quickly made their way through the Forest of Tyr, towards the Kingdom of Tyr, breaking into song as they went.


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  1. Great magic and mysticism at work.

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