Black Angel


Black Angel

by DarkJade

“It Wasn’t Going To Be Easy… Obviously, I Wouldn’t Fit In… And Though The World Was Busy, And Vast… There’s No Doubt In My Mind That I’d Feel Alone

I Wasn’t Given Any Orders… Because This Wasn’t, And Isn’t, A Mission


The Fact Is I Didn’t Belong There… And I Don’t Belong Here

The First Order Of Business Was/Is To Find A Home…

Not A Easy Task…

But For Now I Began My Journey In A Small Apartment In New York City

City Of Lights

There Are A Lot Of Books I Can Read To Keep Myself Busy For A While…

Lots Of Movies, And Dare I Say T.V.

But Soon Enough I Will Find Myself Lonely

Three Friends…

That’s What I’ve Allowed Myself At Any Given Time

But Keeping My Secret May Prove Difficult

But No One Says I Have To…

In Fact, No One Says Anything At All…”


4:12 AM

Two young men make there way quickly down an alleyway.

Billy, a Caucasian young man, twenty years in age…

…and his friend Mark, or Mark T, an African American, twenty two years of age.

“Come on man, did you see it?” Mark spoke with urgency to his friend as they quickly made there way down a dark alleyway.

“I saw… Something,” timidly replied Billy.

Mark T suddenly stopped, and brought down a fire escape.


It struck the ground very loudly, then Mark T started to climb.

“Ah, come on man…” spoke Billy as he followed his friend.

“It hit the roof of that next building, I’m sure of it,” replied Mark T as he gasped, running out of breath.

The two reached the top of the abandoned building, only to see a faint yellow grey light emanating from the apartment building next to the building they were on.

“Can you see that man!” exclaimed Mark T.

“It’s going to be light soon T, I can’t afford anything else on my record,” spoke Billy in angst.

Mark T walked to the edge of the building, and tried to gauge how far the two rooftops were apart.

Billy looked at him like he was crazy, “No way man, I’m not jumping that.”

“It’s maybe 15, 20 feet,” spoke Mart T, not really paying attention to Billy.

“Try 25… I’m leaving man,” suddenly spoke Billy, and he turned and headed back to the fire escape.

“Do what you gotta do Billy!” spoke Mark T as he stepped many paces back, then ran towards the end, and leaped.

Just as Mark T neared the edge of the other rooftop, trying frantically to grab onto the edge, a hand glowing a light golden yellow grabbed his arm, and he blacked out.


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  1. Grabbed my attention!

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