Black Angel – Home


Black Angel 

by DarkJade

Episode I

“Though Mark T Was My First Encounter…

We Would Not Be Friends.”





Mark T awaits yelling in the Emergency Room, “Noooooooooo!”

A nurse runs in, and calms him down, “It’s ok… Everything is ok… You’re unharmed.”

“The Angel… The Angel on the roof,” he spoke frantically.

The nurse shook her head to herself, “It’s ok… You can go home as soon as you sign these,” she hands him papers so that they can bill his insurance company, and he can be discharged.


An empty, dark apartment, which has only one chair.

There are no lights on.

Sitting in the chair is a black winged angel, with golden white hair…

…his head bowed.


As the sun rises in the nearby window, Jacob’s wings dissolve in a light golden glimmer.


Reporter Ella Strom rushes around trying to put the final touches on her latest article about cell phone caused car accidents.

Her haircut shaggy, hair brown, and clothing less than stylish.

“This is redundant… This is redundant,” she speaks to herself, as she finally sits down at her cluttered desk.

“Even if it is… It’s still a relevant topic,” speaks her Boss, Drake Mortamor…

She looks up to see his 6’3″ perfectly in shape form, thick black hair and flawless smile.

“Good morning Drake,” she speaks with familiarity.

“Go to dinner with me Maggy,” he speaks.

“It’s Ella… Mr. Mortamor… Sir,” she corrects him gently.

“Right, Ella… My bad,” suddenly his secretary calls to him, indicating there’s a call for him.

“Chat at yah later,” he says as he coolly steps away into his office.

Suddenly Jeremy, one of the Assistants in the office steps forward with Mark T.

“Here’s that guy who says he saw an Angel… Mortamor said to have you talk to him,” speaks Jeremy who then steps away.

Mark T sits down awkardly at the extra chair.

Ella types away finishing up her article without looking up at him.

“An Angel, eh,” she speaks semi sarcastically.

“Well whatever, or whoever it was, they weren’t human,” replied Mark T casually as he glimpsed around the place.

“Say, how do you get a job in here,” he suddenly says.

Ella stops typing, “You don’t want a job in here,” she replied, then finished up her typing, and clicked send on her computer.

She releases a sigh of relief, then looks at Mark T with full attention.

“So… What made you say he was an Angel specifically…” she asked coyly.

“Well… I suppose I’d have to say the wings… But also the golden light that was around him… He looked angelic to me,” he replied, having now spotted the doughnuts on the nearby table.

Ella followed his gaze, “Want one?” Mark T smiled and nodded.

She grabs him a bright pink doughnut, then sits back down.

“I See… Is there anything else you can tell me about… Er… Him?” she questions.

“Yes, ‘he’… Saved my life… And I can tell you where it happened.”



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