Black Angel – Rediscovery


Black Angel

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II




As the sun sets over New York City, Jacob stands atop the rooftop of his apartment building…

And as the sun reaches the sea, his black wings reappear.

“Where Do I Belong…

Surely I Have No Home.

Removed From The Golden City…

I Look Upon The City Of Light

I Must Seek Out The Three…

The First Begins To Come To me.

Suddenly the roof door begins to open, and Jacob takes flight…

From out of the door comes Ella Strom, and Mark T.

“This is where it happened,” Mark T spoke as he stepped to the edge where he nearly lost his life.

“I jumped from that abandoned building, and a hand reached out and caught me just before I fell to my death…” explained Mark T.

Ella steps to the edge of the building looking down, “That’s quite a fall.”

“And you say you saw a dark silhouette of wings, and a hand reached out and grabbed your arm… And this hand had a golden glow around it?” spoke Ella as she peered around the rooftop.

“Right!” Mark T responded anxiously.

“So how much is this going to get me?” he then questioned.

“It depends…” replied Ella.

“On what?” questioned Mart T.

“On what kind of story this ends up being…” she looked at him, “…but don’t worry, it will be at least a couple hundred bucks.”

With this Mark T. smiled, then smacked his hand in excitement.

“You can’t be up here…” a voice came suddenly from behind them…

It was Bruno, the landlord of the apartment building… A semi heavy, short, big mustache, balding Italian fellow with a cigar in his mouth.

“We’re just leaving,” as Ella walked by Bruno, she handed him a $20.

“I don’t want this,” Bruno spoke, insulted…

…and Mark T took it out of Bruno’s hand, “I’ll take it.”

Ella smiled, the two left the rooftop.

Bruno stayed and looked around a bit, when he saw Jacob, his wings gone again, sitting on a far edge… Out of site from where the others were standing.

Jacob was looking down at the streets below.

“Hey, you’re that new tenant, right?” spoke Bruno as he stepped up behind Jacob.

Jacob’s golden white hair looking unnaturally beautiful…

…he wore all white.

“Yes…” with this Jacob stood, “The name is Jacob.”

Bruno took a hit off his stogie, and shook Jacob’s hand.

“Wow… That’s a firm grip,” Bruno spoke as a strong feeling of peace rushed through him.

He sighed, and forgot what he was doing for a moment.

“I heard what you said to those two… So, I’m not allowed on the rooftop?” questioned Jacob.

“Huh? Oh… No… It’s alright… You ain’t doin no harm… Besides, you live here… I just don’t want no strangers, and/or reporters fussen around up here,” explained Bruno.

“Reporters?” questioned Jacob.

“Yeah… The woman… I recognize her… She’s from the New York News… She’s a good writer, but still… I like things to keep pretty private in this building… These people liven here work hard.”

Jacob nodded, and Bruno stepped away.

“Nice meeten you bud…” and Bruno was gone.

Suddenly a little blue eyed, blond curly haired girl’s face appeared in Jacob’s mind…

“Angelice… We don’t have long,” his wings appeared, and he took to the sky.


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  1. More magnificent writing.

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