Black Angel – A Friend


Black Angel

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

“With Hair, And Light, Like I’ve Never Seen…

Her Smile Penetrates…

Her Heart So Free

How Can Life Be So Cruel…

Only To Set One To Confusion





Angelice, an eight year old girl with curly blond hair, and soft blue eyes, brushes a small comb through a dolls hair.

She smiles as she coughs just a bit.

A nurse in the room checks her vitals.

“Just 20 more minutes Angelice… Then straight to sleep,” speaks the nurse with a slight melancholy smile.

“Twenty minutes…” replies Angelice gaily without looking at the nurse.

Meanwhile standing in the room, unseen by Angelice, is a striking man with glorious white wings, and shoulder length brown hair.

He stares at her, almost smiling.

Suddenly Jacob enters through the outside wall, fading whilst passing through it, then appearing beside the other angel.

His black wings set starkly next to the others white.

“Not long now,” speaks Brim, the white winged angel.

“Yes,” replies Jacob.

“I’m surprised to see you here Jacob,” speaks Brim as he looks over fondly at him.

“I was drawn here,” replies Jacob.

“Farewell Jacob,” speaks Brim as he fades and passes out of the building.

Suddenly a golden glow passes over Jacob and his wings fade away.

The girl looks up, “Hello,” she speaks.

“Hello Angelice,” he replies as he takes the chair beside her bed.

“Have you come to take me away?” she questions going back to combing her doll.

“No… That’s not my job,” Jacob replies.

She puts her doll under her blanket and looks at Jacob.

“Than why are you here?”

He stares at her his eyes glowing blue faintly, enamored by the girl.

“So you know I’m an Angel…” he states.

“Oh yes… I’ve had another visiting my room for several days now,” she replies.

“You could see him?” questions Jacob.

“No… Not exactly,” she replied.

“I understand,” replies Jacob.

“I need a few friends, as I live here on Earth now… And I thought you’d be a good choice,” explains Jacob.

Suddenly the girl looks a bit sad, “Well… I won’t be here long.”

“Yes I know,” replies Jacob.

The girl ponders for a minute, “Ok, I’ll be your friend.”

Jacob smiles, “Thank you Angelice.”


Ella Strom convinces someone at the apartment building to let her into the newest tenants, Jacob’s, room.

She looks through the apartment, but there is no furniture other than one chair in the middle of the living room.

She’s perplexed.

“Can I help you?” suddenly comes a voice from the doorway…

…it’s Jacob.

“Oh, I,” Ella stumbles for words.

“It’s ok,” replies Jacob.

“Where’s your furniture?” she questions.

“I haven’t chosen any yet…” he replies.

“I see…” she replies.

“But you have a question?” Jacob says.

“Oh… Ha… Well… A young man came to us and said that someone here rescued him from falling from the roof…” she explains.

“Yes… That was me,” he replies.

“Oh… Ok… Wow… Great,” she replies.

“Would you like to grab some dinner Ella?” suddenly questions Jacob.


They both eat burgers and fries.

Ella has a diet soda, and Jacob has a chocolate milk shake.

“So good,” exclaims Jacob as he takes a large spoon full of the thick shake.

“Yes they are,” she replies.

“May I ask what happened?” she questions.

“Mark T, the young man, leaped from the abandoned building next to mine… I was on the rooftop, saw that he wasn’t going to make it, and grabbed his arm, bringing him to the roof,” he explains.

“Wow… Yeah… So you’re a hero?” she asks.

Jacob just stares at her, but doesn’t reply.

“And… Yer humble… Ok, well, I appreciate your time Mr.?”

“Just Jacob,” he replies.

“Ok, thank you,” she starts to pay, but he places his hand on hers sending an immense amount of peace through her heart.

She gasps.

“I’ve got it,” he says.



Jacob sits in Angelice’s room, which is now empty, the bed made.

Tears run down his cheek.



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