Leonard Nimoy As I Remember Him… Warm, Philosophical… A Poet


I am convinced

I am convinced
That if all mankind
Could only gather together
In one circle
Arms on each other’s shoulders
And dance, laugh and cry
Then much
of the tension and burden
of life
Would fall away
In the knowledge that
We are all children


Needing and wanting
Each other’s
Comfort and
We are all children
Searching for love



I watched the Documentary, “For The Love Of Spock” on NETFLIX tonight

Something I have looked forward since I heard his son was going to make it

In fact I followed him on Twitter and Facebook so I could keep up with the Updated in regards to the Production

But after seeing it, though it is good, and full of tons of Clips, History and Interviews

What I got from Leonard Nimoy wasn’t really present in the Production

There were periods where Leonard and his son weren’t all that close, and though this process I know was healing for him, and though they were close towards the end of his life, it’s just not the same as truly admiring someone for 40 years, which I have


Beginning with SPOCK

I truly and always loved the Spock Character

He was my favorite, and the main reason that I followed both the Original show when it was ReSyndicated in the 70’s, and the Films

That kind of Depth of Character is Extremely Rare

Leonard Truly Shined Through


I then came to admire him as a Director

Particularly because I planned on being a Director myself


But more than anything I admired his Philosophical Nature, and Poetic Soul

During the last year or so of his life I actually followed him on Twitter

He was a warm, giving soul

I suppose I don’t have much more to say… Only that he was one of my Favorite Human Beings of all time

Right there with David Bowie and Robin Williams

All three of which we lost in the last couple years

I’m looking at books on Amazon right now, and though I do want to read Leonard Nimoy’s “I Am Spock” Book…

I am tempted to get William Shatner’s “Leonard” book… Just so I can hear about Leonard from someone who knew him for 50 years

Because Leonard is very humble, and even he may not have truly appreciated himself as much as some of us out there

Thanks for Reading


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