The Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Welcome To Hammen

Part II Of The Voyage Of Blue The Druid

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen

Aden stood before Blue and she could hardly believe it… Could she have found him so quickly… Even before arriving at Hammen, and the land of Tch’ahm Ba’er?

“Brother to Esqsa?” she replied.

Hearing this definitely peaked the Elve’s interest.

Aden glanced at Rune, his foreboding black dragonborn from being not that easy to ignore, and back to Blue again.

“And who, may I ask, are you two?” spoke Aden.

“Forgive me… My name is Blue, I’m an Initiate of the First Circle,” she replied.

“And I am Rune, The Protector,” interjected Rune with his deep gravely voice, and a slight smile.

His second smile of the day, which was all so unlike him.

Aden glanced at Rune once…

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