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Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Road To Priminus

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The Next Chapter

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er

Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen

Chapter III – Mercenaries 

Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

CHAPTER V – Road to Priminus

Looking at the form of the Dragonborn Cleric, Madrean, one wouldn’t think that he needed the protection of anyone, let alone The Paladin Sabre.

Seven feet tall, scales of blue, with one green eye, one black…

…and at his side a Great Two Handed Mace, which seems to have a red glow… And a one handed Mace to match, also glowing.

His Armour was what was known as ‘Fire Armour’… No, whatever Order he served, they were not lowly financed… Thus the purchase of the overpriced Velvet Green Hat, which he now wore.

As the Party, now 7 large, began to…

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