Voyage Of The Druid Blue – Protect The Shade

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


Voyage Of The Druid Blue

by Doragon Kishu

The Druid Blue (Backstory)

Tch’ahm Ba’er (Land Races & Characters)

Chapter I – To Tch’ahm Ba’er, Chapter II – Welcome To Hammen,

Chapter III – Mercenaries , Chapter IV – The Hunt For Sabre & Madrean

Chapter V – Road To Priminus, Chapter VI – Return To Port Hammen

Chapter VII – Bugbears, Chapter VIII – Gifts Chapter IX – East Bound

Chapter X – The 12th Day, Chapter XI – Into The Shrine

CHAPTER XII – Protect The Shade

Chasing the Leader Goblin down a hallway, into a large chamber, suddenly a Crystal Statue comes to life, blocking his way…

The Goblin Leader slides to a halt, only to be met with a Great Crystal Axe to the chest, sending him sliding across the floor…

Meanwhile Blue comes to a halt… The Crystal Statue paying her…

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