I Was In Corporate America For A Long Time… Well, A Long Time For Me Anyway 1988-2002 (With A Bit More In 2006)

I Work From Home Now, But My Girlfriend Is Out There… And Some Of The Things She’s Recently Been Dealing With, Took Me Back, And Inspired Me To Write This.

This Is About Employees, And For Employers.

Share It With Whoever You Like… Even Your Boss, lol



 by James Mahoney/DarkJade

Do you care about your employees?

If the answer is no, than they know it.

If the answer is yes, then show it.




In a world of cell phones, laptops, internet, drones, telephones and Emails…

One thing is clear.

Are heads are down, and our minds are closed to what’s around us.

Now is a time when it is harder than ever to make a direct, human connection with someone.

Yes technologically speaking, it’s a small world.

But in reality, it’s still a large one.

We’re locked in a tunnel vision of a sort, to whatever it is we’re focused on…

…be it in our ears, or in our hands.

How many millions of people have been killed, or mamed, because of drivers on cell phones, either talking, or worse, texting.

The numbers are there, even if we can’t/don’t see them.

But this isn’t a lecture…

…this is an illumination of a path that lays right before us.

And all we have to do is unplug, look and listen…

…this is the preface of true direct connection.

Out of our heads…

Into our bodies…

In the moment.



For the sake of story, lets call our boss ‘Sam’.

Sam – “How are you today John?

John – “I’m good sir, thank you.”

This isn’t enough.

Who are these people that work for you?

That work with you?

Sam – “Well, this is John… He works in our IT department.”

Ok, well, that sucks.

Let me rephrase.

“Does this excite you?”

Do you now wish you worked in IT for Sam?

Who is John?

Time for you to find out.



Take your employees to lunch.

Take them in groups, take them in droves, but take them to lunch.

If possible, one on one lunches are the best.

One On One;

  • Find out about their lives before they came here.
  • Find out about their current lives.
  • Find out about theirs hopes and dreams

And don’t fire them if their dreams don’t include working for you.

Keep it Personal, even if they include their career aspirations.

The world doesn’t revolved around the employer.

Never has…

…never will.

Despite the ‘prisons’ they might create.

Have lunch with your Employee (‘s) once ever 6 months (One On One, Or Group If Necessary)

Group Lunches;

  • Fun (Your Boss is taking you to Lunch)
  • Find out where they want to eat (Within Reason)
  • Interact/Make the rounds with each of them, even if it’s just a pat on the shoulder and a hello
  • Ask them to choose somewhere they’d all like to go in 3 months, as a group, with you (Bowling, Laser Tag, The Movies, Miniature Golf Etc.)

Bring Your Employees Lunch;

It’s ok to also bring Lunch in for your Employees…

…but you don’t need to be present for that.

But if you are, it’s probably a good thing.

Bringing lunch in does not replace One On One Lunches, or taking them Out For Lunch.



It is essential that your Employees aren’t answering to self serving/absorbed @#%#@!

Or you can kiss each of them goodbye…

Some might stay and take it, but they will be miserable.

Is that what you want?

Then don’t hire ‘not good’ Managers.

What makes a Good Manager?

Maybe I’ll go into that another time, but this is about the Employee (Employees).



Pull them aside for one on one meetings.

Make sure things are doing ok in their work environment.

Ask them to be honest, their answers will likely directly affect the environment…

…thus making them ‘Co Architects’ of their work happiness.

Ask them how their lives are outside of work.

Check on them.



They are not the only ones that will benefit from this.

Do this every 3 months.

You don’t need to fix their outside lives, but show them you care.

Listen… Learn.

And any information they can tell you that will improve their at work life, well, there you go, you just saved money on getting a Consultant.

They know best what’s up…

…and the quickest route to fix it.



Figure out a way to give Employees an opportunity to make more money…

To grow with the Company.

Don’t keep all the new profits for yourself.

When you walk into your Company, you want to be greeted by ‘Co Creators’.

People who directly affect the success you’re having.

You want ‘Warm Authentic’ smiles coming your way.

Earn them.



Do you care about your Employee (‘s)?

Do you know your Employee (‘s)

Knowing them will make it a whole lot easier to care for them.

Lets begin…



2 Responses to “Employee”

  1. Great piece! I’ve always said that one of the most important qualities in a supervisor is that they take their supervisory role seriously. You have to invest in helping your staff to advance in their careers.

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