The Journal Of The Thorin Ryo – Paladin

A New Tale

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Paladin

by Doragon Kishu

Thorin, like all the Landritch people, holds King Balthild, and/or ‘The Shield’ as he’s known, in the utmost of esteem.

Thorin, like his father before him, was brought up with a great respect of the sword, but by his own right, has truly mastered the use of the shield, both in offensive, and deffensive manner.

His intentions are always to remove his opponent from causeing any harm, but generally aims not to slay them.

Sadly, Thorin’s mother was banished from the land when he was merely 2 years of age, as it had come to be known that she had beeen gifted by their god the magical healing abilites of the Great Paladins of old.

Oh how Thorin longed to know more of his mother, but his father refused to speak of her.

For his father was hearbroken and ashamed…

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