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The Journal Of Thorin Ryo – Nekana Agnimitra

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Another Chapter

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Journal Of Thorin Ryo 

by Doragon Kishu

Chap I – Paladin

Chap II – 200 Years Of Peace

CHAPTER III – Nekana Agnimitra

And so we were off, the “League Of Unity”, on our first quest…

Leading us into the desert was Ashkan, the Human Ranger.

Followed by myself and Fildaerae, the Elven Fighter.

Behind us was Laenor, the boisterous Elven Fighter, telling story after story of his days in the Till Woods.

As well as Arinar the Elven Druid, Ulfin Hillhammer the Dwarven Barbarian, Walker the Gnomish Rogue and Iven the Human Thief, now Squire of Laenor.

At first night fall we were attacked by two Desert Snakes, I was able to kill one, and Filderae with her whip, with the help of others, disposed the second.

During our next day of travel, Filderae noticed that someone was following our Party.

She notified the group, and on further…

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