Iron Fist Series – Episodes 1-8… In Review




Let me start by saying, The Iron Fist is one of my Favorite Superhero Characters since I was a kid.

My Favorites go like this

  1. Captain America
  2. The Flash
  3. Iron Man
  4. Avengers (As A Group)
  5. Iron Fist
  6. West Coast Avengers (As A Group)
  7. Hawkeye

When I heard Netflix was going to make an “Iron Fist” Series, I was pretty stoked.

A more obscure Character (Compared To Some Of The Others), I appreciated the fact that Netflix was making this happen.

Nuff Said, on with the Review.



The Story is ok. It has Classic Elements, that make up many Comic Book Stories/Characters.

Such As;

  • Rebellious Wealthy Superhero
  • Parents Died, Leaving Questions


The Writing has holes… The Characters are good enough to hold the Series together, but that shouldn’t be the way that it is.


Here’s where the show improves a bit, first of all, I really like the Lead Actor…


Finn Jones, as Danny Rand (The Iron Fist);

He’s smart, sensitive, raw, doesn’t know all the answers, and is extremely driven.

He’s good.


Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing);

Jessica is also good as Colleen, who is a mild character, which works. A good fighter, and friend with a heart.


Tom Pelphrey & Jessica Stroup (Brother & Sister Ward & Joy Meachum);

Both are good, especially Tom Pelphrey, but there are holes in the Writing that sometimes makes it tough for his character.

And so far though Jessica is good, her character is extremely lost, and kind of purposeless. I blame that on writing though, she is a good actress.


David Wenham (Harold Meachum);

David is great (You might recognize him from Lord Of The Rings, Return of the King and The Twin Towers, as Faramir.


He does a great job as the angsty enigmatic father of Joy and Ward.

The biggest mistake the Series has made so far is…


Rosario Dawson’s Character, Claire Temple;

I don’t want to pick on Rosario, I’ve seen her in a lot of things, but I can’t say if I actually like her all that much as an actress. Just a personal preference thing.

But this Character is terrible… Over Analytical/Controlling and always complaining.

But more than that, she is just so disruptive, especially to the Danny Rand & Colleen characters, who had just connected romantically.

The romance is largely friendship based, which are the best relationships in my opinion, but all the sudden they’ve shoved the Claire character into all of their scenes, and she just wont stop talking.

After the Claire Character received a mysterious letter in Episode 8, who she says came from a guy who is unavailable, I started to suspect that her character may have been on the Netflix Daredevil Series…

…and I was right.

But more than that, she was also on the “Luke Cage” Series.

She was on 8 of each of those Series, and I believe she’s going to be on a total of 6 of the “Iron Fist” Episodes.

Beyond that, it all appears to be heading to a New Series coming in August on Netflix, called “The Defenders”, which will include all three Characters, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil.

It will also include Colleeen from the Iron Fist show.


Even though the Writing is often leaving the characters with hallow scenes, especially Joy and Ward, and even though this Claire Character is annoying as @#$@#…

I still like the show.


The Cast Members I mentioned above, but mainly, the Lead Actor who plays Iron Fist.

I also like the Music, and many of the Fight Scenes, though it is obvious the Actors only know so much in regards to fighting…

…my hat’s still off to their ‘physical’ efforts, and am willing to let it slide.

My biggest complaint, and I don’t like to complain, is the fact that I feel they’re so focused on creating The Defenders Series, that there is kind of a ‘diluted’ effort in regards to the Writing Effort with this show.

Still, I give it 7 out of 10.

Thanks for Reading/Listening



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