The Warlock Chalace (Backstory)

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


As I Continue To Create The Dungeons & Dragons Characters Which I’m Using In My ‘Blue Phoenix – The Quest For Frost Rhealm’ Story, I’ve Really Been Looking Forward To Completing The Warlock Chalace…

Here’s His Backstory;

Chalace was left on the doorstep of a very powerful Warlock.

When he reached the age of 16, his Master left him in the middle of a great city to fend for himself…

To Chalace’s surprise, his Master returned 3 months later, and brought him to his Mountain Retreat, where he taught him everything he knew about being a Warlock…

It came very easily to Chalace.

The only thing that remained, was Chalace’s Pact.

When Chalace turned 27, he traveled through many lands, until a day where he arrived in a small Town in the Vey Kild Mountains.

There, sitting at a small table in the middle of the reclusive Dark Dragon Inn…

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