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Shadows – The Thieves Guild Of Aberlo

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A New Tale

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)



The Thieves Guild Of Aberlo

by Doragon Kishu

 The old man was dying…

Sir Baron Kelderecth the Third.

Master of Thieves…

All that he had built around him…

1,200 Thieves belonged to his Thieve’s Guild, ‘SHADOWS’.

From the darkest, seediest parts of the City Aberlo…

… to the districts of the Nobles.

Not a pocket was safe.

But in the end, it was his son Eldess Kelderecth, the Prince of Rohdan’s Personal Advisor, who the Thief Master longed to see, as he entered the final days of his life.

Eldess had been told at the age of five that his Father had died in the War of Otran, a hero, battling the onslaught of Orc’s and Giants from the North…

He’d been told a lie.

But this lie drove him to achieve greatness…

…and greatness he has achieved.

But he’s about to find out news that will change…

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Blue Lights


Though you seem to elude me

At every turn…

I am enraptured by you

Why confusion…

Why so much

Wings spread…

I take Flight

Into the Night of Life…

It isn’t easy

It’s not supposed to be

The Challenges before me…

Reason ignores me

I close my eyes…

And dive into the light

Blissful blue and black

Cloaked goodnight