Save 90,000 Wild Horses By Signing The Petition Within!

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America’s wild horses are iconic symbols of the nation and represent the freedom of the Wild West. Our country’s natural lands were once teeming with herds of these magnificent horses, but for decades the government has been in a war against these innocent creatures to clear land for cattle ranching.

New legislation is being brought forth in Congress today, July 18th, that will put 90,000 horses at risk of being slaughtered. According to a petition on Care2 written by the Humane Society of the United States, the Bureau of Land Management has requested the authority to slaughter America’s horses and burros, both in the wild and in government holding facilities, where over half of their population are currently being kept against their will.

Additionally, according to a petition written by the ASPCA, for the first time in years, Congress could possibly stop USDA horse…

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