The Warlock Hex – The Pact

Chapter V

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Warlock Hex

by Doragon

Chapter I 

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

CHAPTER V – The Pact



Shaehun, Hex and Kredon sit at an off to the side, fairly table.

Shaehun drinks, Hex and Kredon do not.

“I had that blade for about a year,” Shaehun explains.

“But a year was long enough.”

“How did you come upon it?” asked Hex.

Shaehun’s body language changed, became more uneasy.

“My brother… He was captured by an enemy Barbarian Clan… The Nors, as they’re called… But there were too many of them… Maybe 12, or 15… So out of desperation I prayed to our Gods that they might aid me… But none answered… So I prayed to someone else,” with this Shaehun’s eyes look blacker than ever.

“Asmodeus…” interjected Kredon.

Shaehun looked at the large man, and nodded.

“Enter the Tear of Asmodeus……

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