The Wounded Warrior – The Basics


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

PART TWO – The Basics

“It Seems Easy Enough…”

“Breathe In… Breathe Out”



“Wake Up…”

“Go To Sleep…”

VULNERASTI BELLATOR, Knight of the OR’AGOS ORDER, rises from some straw on the otherwise hard stone floor of an abandoned Temple of MORODEE.

His wounds are wrapped, but he could really use some fresh water.

He steps forward towards the door, and opens it to a bright, light blue sky, with several smeared clouds here and about.

“It’s a beautiful day…” he speaks.

He then glances back at his broken blade, and thinks about those who he had broke it on.

“Stop it Bellator, it’s no use, what’s done is done,” he speaks to himself.

“Hello there!” an older, friendly voice comes his way as an elderly man approaches, his young daughter at his side.

She blushes, and bows her head, to see Bellator in the undergarments of his Armour.

Bellator uncomfortably nods.

“Welcome to our town, I see you’ve found our old Temple,” speaks the man warmly.

“Yes… Well… I hope that’s alright,” responds Bellator.

“Oh of course, of course… Good to see it being put to use… It’s been deserted for several years,” replies the man

I am HAGAN by the way, “The man speaks as he reaches out to shake Bellator’s arm,”.

Bellator pauses before replying, “The names Profugus,” he says with a slight smile, deciding it best to hide his real name for now.

“Profugus… Very well, well, there is a well down the road, feel free to use it… I’ll drop off some rags, and clean clothes for you, so you can wash that Under Armour,” and with this the man walks away, still chatting, and waving his hand to Bellator, though he was no longer facing the Knight.

The girl blushed, and followed her father.




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