The Wounded Warrior – 10 Knights Of Or’Agos


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

PART THREE – 10 Knights Of Or’Agos

Ten KNIGHTS OF OR’AGOS sit upon their horses atop a slight mound of earth.

Before them, six Knights of their order lay bloodied and dead amongst the high grass.

“Who has done this…” the dark haired Knight Rorgon speaks barely audible.

Suddenly a woman’s moan can be heard, and an arm stretches upward over the high grass.

Rorgon and two others quickly dismount, and make there way to where lay the Priestess Nori.

Her other arm badly wounded, they quickly wrap it.

Rorgon motions for his other Knights to dismount, search for tracks, and make camp.

The Priestess sees Rorgon’s face only for a moment before she passes out.

When she wakes, four Knights sit around the fire, 5 others are on watch, and Rorgon is bringing her water.

She drinks it as best as she can, as she is very weak from the loss of blood.

She looks at Rorgon’s with her deep green eyes, “It was Bellator… Vulnerasti Bellator,” she passes out once more.

Rogon stands up straight in utter shock, “What!… Impossible.”

Suddenly his great archer Knight, Melm, approaches, “I’ve found tracks…”

PICTURE ART – Stonewall


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