The Wounded Warrior – Standing Still


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

PART FOUR – Standing Still

Bellator had cleaned himself up, and put on the clothing the old man had left him.

He sat now in the small towns tavern, THE RED HAWK INN.

The town of maybe 2 or 300 people had gathered for a town meeting, which the old man had invited Bellator to, but he declined.

His wounds were still fresh, so his strength had not fully returned.

He sat stirring a glass of wine with a stick, while at the same time rubbing his hand softly over one of two wounded areas where arrows had struck…

…this one near his stomach.

“How Is One To Sit Still And Just Be…”

“I Know Not.”

The old man’s daughter, who was not old enough to enter the Tavern, and so peered in once in a while through the window, giggling with a couple of her school friends…

…continued to blush about the Knight.

“Another wine for you?” the deep innkeeper’s voice suddenly appeared, as did he, standing next to Bellator.

The Knight hesitated, then looked up at the big mustached man, “I’m good… Thanks.”

Bellator noticed that the man did not leave upon his response, and so looked back at him.

“Was there something else?” Bellator asked.

The man looked like he wanted to say something to the Knight, a bit of angst dripping from his brow, but instead…

“No…” replied, and walked away.

“They all want to know what trouble you bring…” suddenly spoke a gravely voice from a dark corner.

Bellator didn’t need to look to the corner to know what kind of man it might be, “No money in it for you friend,” he replied.

Ha Ha Ha

Laughed the man, who then stood up…

…the man was fairly lean, wearing tight leather attire of black, brown and grey.

At first glance you might think he’s a Thief of some sort… But there was something different than that about him.

The man did carry with him a long ash bow, which Bellator noticed as the man slinked over, and sat in the other seat…

…placing his boots up on the table, and waving the Innkeeper over, “An ale good man.”

The Innkeeper huffed, then stepped away to fetch the man’s drink.

“Don’t mind if I join you, do yah,” spoke the man without actually asking.

Bellator’s dark blue grey eyes slowly raised from stirring his wine, and looked at the man, “I was just leaving.”

Bellator began to stand, but the man loosely grabbed one of his wrists, “Lets talk a bit first.”

Usually Bellator would have already broken the man’s wrist, and pinned him to the floor…

…but if he was to maintain the guise of ‘Profugus’ the wanderer, as opposed to Vulnerasti Bellator, the Renegade Knight of Lord Or’Agos, it was in his interest, to not.

Bellator sat back down, drank the last swig of his wine, and, “Alright, lets hear it.”

“Oh good, I’ll order some food as well,” the man spoke and waved the Innkeeper over once more, ordering a bit of this, and a bit of that, from the local menu.

Mainly meats, cheeses and bread.

The food arrived, each of them ate a bit, then the man finally breached conversation once more, “I am Leevish… Leevish Cloue.”

“Profugus…” replied Bellator simply.

“Yes… That’s what they say… But I say something different.”

Bellator stared blankly at the man.

“I think, you are a Knight,” Leevish continued.

Bellator’s eyes glimmered slightly at hearing the word that meant so much to him all these years… Knight.

“You see… Your attire says townsfolk… But your demeanor, though you try your best to hide it, is way too… Noble… And good,” Leevish said with a bad taste expression on his face…

…like he had eaten something that didn’t sit well with him.

“What do you want Leevish?” spoke the Knight.

“Oh nothing…” with this Leevish Cloue stood, and tossed a gold coin on the table, “Just some good company, and a good meal…”

Bellator was confused by this… At first he thought he was a Thief… Or a Hunter… But this Leevish Cloue was something else all together.

“Do take care,” Leevish bowed slightly, grabbed his bow, and slid slyly out of the tavern.

PICTURE CREDIT – Wounded Knight


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