The Wounded Warrior – Memory


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

PART SIX – Memory

The 10 Knights of Or’Argos camp several hours north of the small town Nordos.

The Knight Melm, having found the tracks of Leevish Clou.

The Priestess Nori, and Rorgon set at the campfire as several of the other Knights stand guard, and a few sleep.

“Won’t we fall behind them by camping this night?” speaks Nori.

“You need your rest,” replies Rorgon, “And besides, we’ll find him soon enough.”

Nori nods, and takes a drink of her warm brew.

“I need you to tell me about that night my lady…” speaks Rorgon.

Nori seems surprised.

“Obviously, it’s not exactly of Bellator’s character to kill 6 of his own Order, and wound a Priestess…” he continues.

“No… Of course,” she replies as she sits down her cup.

“All’s clear,” one of the other Knights speaks to Rorgon as he walks by.

Rorgon nods, and looks back at Nori, “Please my lady…”

“It was all very strange…” she begins.

“When I went to sleep, four of them were chatting with Bellator by the fire, and two were on guard…” she began.

“But I was woken by the sounds of blades clashing, and yelling… And when I opened my eyes, four of them were already struck down, and he was fighting the last two…” she continued.

Nori starts to sweat and breathe quickly as she describes it.

“Take your time my lady…” spoke Rorgon.

“I yelled at Bellator to stop… And then he quickly dispatched the last two…”

“He then made his way for his horse, two arrows sticking out of him… I ran towards the horse and tried to stop him, and like an animal, he struck me with his blade… I suspect he may have thought I was one of the ones he’d taken down…” she finished.

She looked perplexed.

“What is it my lady?” Rorgon inquired.

“When he realized he had struck me, his face looked… Distraught.”

With this Nori grasped her arm, and nearly passed out from the emotional flood of reliving it.

Rorgon jumped up, “Let me get you to your sleeping blankets,” he spoke.

Nori was quickly asleep as Rorgon sat alone by the fire.

“What happened Bellator… What lost you your mind.”




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