The Wounded Warrior – Past Comes Calling


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

PART FIVE – Past Comes Calling

When the 10 Knights of Or’Agos, and the wounded Priestess Nori, arrived in the small town of Nordos, most were asleep…

…save a few travelers who inhabited the local tavern, The Red Hawk Inn.

Rorgon, their leader apparent, entered the Inn by himself…

…glanced around, but saw none that resembled the Renegade Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator…

The tavern innkeeper approaches, “Something to drink my good sir?”

Rorgon gave the innkeeper a very slow glance, “Tell me… And let me say, I will know if you are lying instantly… Have you seen a man with dark brown hair, grey blue eyes with the build of someone who might be a Knight?”

The innkeeper did not reply right away… Noting that the Knight was slowly palming the handle of his blade.

“Yes… Yes I have…” the innkeeper replied.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the road heading north, Leevish Clou rides his black steed fairly quickly, the Knight Vulneasti Bellator, who said his name was Profugus, riding on the back.

“WE WILL RIDE FOR A DAY AND A HALF STRAIGHT!” yelled Leevish back to the Bellator…

“ALRIGHT!” Bellator replied.



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