The Wounded Warrior – Waiting For Death


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

PART FIVE – Waiting For Death

Vulneasti Bellator, Knight of Lord Or’Agos, stands upon the rocky hillside, looking back the way he had entered the small town of Nordos…

“Though I Long For Peace… I Know That Is Instead ‘Hell’ That Is Coming”

“Waiting for someone?” the voice of Leevish Clou came from behind Bellator.

“Still here…” replied Bellator.

“Yes, well, this small town suddenly became more interesting,” spoke Leevish who is now standing beside the Knight.

Bellator looked over at him, “There’s nothing for you, with me,” he spoke.

“I don’t want anything ‘from’ you, so to speak…” Leevish replied.

Bellator turned, and walked back towards the abandoned temple where he was staying, “What do you want Leevish…”

Leevish followed, “I only wish your company.”

With this Bellator glanced at him nearly irritated.

“You can’t stay here… All I’m saying is, I may be able to deliver you what you seek.”

Bellator stopped, “What I seek?”

“A new life…” replied Leevish…

…with this Leevish walked away, “Think about it, I leave at sunset.”

“What I Seek…”


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