The Wounded Warrior – Ariq’Cu


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven


PART IX – Ariq’Cu

Vulnerasti Ballator and Laveesh Clou road into the large town Ariq’Cu upon Laveesh’s now tired steed.

Ballator looked around at the townsfolk with new eyes, as opposed to a noble Knight of the Or’Agos Order, he saw through the eyes of a Renegade fleeing for if not his life, than perhaps his dignity.

Laveesh pulled up at the large tavern, THE CRAW, and told Ballator that he was going to put the horse up for the night.

Ballator nodded, and made his way into the tavern.

It was a lively place, with perhaps 40 to 50 occupants.

He sat at the bar, and reached down to place his hand where his now broken bladed sword would be…

…but it wasn’t there… It was in his large sack, along with the rest of his Knight’s attire.

“What will yah have fellow!” spoke a lively Bartender.

“Ale…” replied Ballator simply.

He couldn’t help but slowly gaze around the place, knowing that his pursuers weren’t likely here as of yet…

…Non the less… He was slightly uneasy.

“How I Long To Be Away From All Of This… Civilization.”

“Did I Really Think It Would Be So…”

“No Rest For The Wicked I Suppose…”

“Though I Can’t Say I Feel All That Wicked… Though My Heart Beats With Great Remorse…”

“I see you found the bar alright…” spoke Leevish who appeared in the seat to his right.

“Indeed…” he replied.

“I was thinking of not only picking you up a horse… But also, considering picking up a couple friends to join us on wherever it is we head next…” continued Leevish.

Bellator looked at him curiously, “Friends?”

Suddenly two large warriors entered the tavern… Twins to be more specific.

“Leevish! How are you man…” one of them spoke loud, and jovially, giving Leevish a great hug.

“Well met Odo… And you too Barook,” replied Leevish as he hugged Barook as well.

“This is my new friend Profugus…” Leevish spoke, gesturing towards Bellator.

“Hello,” spoke Odo…

…”Hello,” spoke Barook.

Bellator nodded graciously, yet subtly.

“Well… Bellator, I suppose you’ll be wanting to be getting some rest… I will be down here getting sloggered with my friends here if you need me…” with this the large Warriors laughed as they all padded each other on their backs, and made their way to a largish table.

Bellator was extremely tired, and so figured they’d discuss his next move in the morning…

…He made his way upstairs to a room, went in, and fell face first onto his bed…

…He was out like a light.



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