The Wounded Warrior – Calm As Water


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

PART VII – Calm As Water

“It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Tell My Side Of The Story…”

“But Even I Find It Hard To Believe.”

“One Must, Or Will, Question…”

“Was There Another Way…”

The Renegade Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator, kneels on one knee before a great, motionless dark blue body of water…

“We’d best get going,” comes Leevish’s familiar voice from some fifteen feet behind him, as he kicks dirt over the remaining heated coals of their nights fire.

Bellator doesn’t seem to hear him as he gazes deeper… And deeper into the deep blue calmness of the water.

“Profugus,” is suddenly spoken to the Knight as Leevish kneels besides him, and places one hand upon his shoulder.

Bellator awakes, though he still does not respond immediately to the false name of Profugus.

“Oh…” Bellator stands,”Of course,” he grabs his gear, and moves towards Leevish’s horse.

Leevish stands, “Are you ever going to tell me your real name, Knight?”

Bellator reaches Leevish’s black steed, and turns to look back at him.

“Soon…” he replies.

With this Leevish smiles slyly, and makes his way to his mount as well.

He mounts, then Bellator.

“We need a second mount… This one won’t last much longer carrying both of us…” speaks Bellator.

“Especially with all that Armour you keep in your sack,” replies Leevish with another smirk, and they’re off.



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