The Wounded Warrior – The Darkness


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

PART VIII – The Darkness

“What do you mean the Knights have failed us…” Speaks the chilling voice of TENEBRIS, his black, smoke like form, lit only by the bright yellow orbs which are his eyes.

Bowing before him trembling is the Dark Priest, SACERDOS.

“They had the Priestess… They were nearly to your Temple to the North… But–” with this Tenebris brings his glowing eyes down before the terrified Priest…

“But…” he speaks with a ssss, like a serpant.

“–there was a Knight,” Sacerdos tries to continue.

“Riseeeee fool,” speaks Tenebris.

With this, Sacerdos stands and faces his Master.

“He struck them down…” finishes Sacerdos.

With this Tenebris turns away, and moves towards his alter, “One Knight…” he speaks without turning back.

“I know it sounds mad my Lord, but, this is what I’m told,” adds Sacerdos.

“Bring me the souls of these Fallen Knights…” whispers Tenebris.

“This… Will be difficult, my Lord…” replies the now growing pale Priest.

“Take this…” and with this, Tenebris tosses a crooked, black stone upon the floor before Sacerdos.

Sacerdos picks it up with a cloth, and places it in a small pouch, “Thank you my Lord.”

He turns, and goes.

“And a 7th Knight will come, and lo how the skies will rain with blood…”

With this Tenebris vanishes in a swirl of dark smoke like magic.

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