The Wounded Warrior – The Fallen


The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven


Part IX

PART X – The Fallen

Within the NORTHERN TEMPLE OF TENEBRIS, the Dark Priest Sacerdos enters to speak to his master.

Sacerdos kneels before Tenebris, his palms faced up and open, within it the black crooked stone which he had given to him.

Tenebris takes the stone, and cracks it open…

…from within come the red glowing smoke spirits of the six fallen Knights of Or’Agos.

Tenebris glowing yellow eyes flare up within the blackness of his smoke like form…

“Greetings Servants…” Tenebris speaks in his surpant like tone.

The spirits seem confused… Unaware of their own demise.

“You there… Tell me of the night of your death,” 

One of the Knight spirits seems to begin to recollect, and speaks, “We were betrayed by one of our own, my Lord…”

“The Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator…” another continues.

“Was he one of the chosen six…” replies Tenebris.

“He joined us along the way to your Northern Temple…” one responds.

“He made seven…” replied another…

…with this Tenebris grasped one of the Knight spirits by the throat, raising him from the ground,“If he was not one of the chosen, why did you allow him to join your party…”

“We did not want to give away our mission… He was to be left in the dark, until the time came where we would vanquish him…” the Knight being held in the air replied.

“It was him…” with this the Knight pointed to one of the other Knights,”lost in drink, he divulged our goal to the Knight.”

With this Tenebris released the Knight, and gazed at the other.

“Bellator was our friend… I knew not that he would respond the way he did… I assumed he would remain loyal to the Order,” responded the desperate spirit.

Tenebris turned away, then gazed sideways at the Dark Priest…

…he then stretched out one of his black smoke arms and toar the Knight’s spirit into shreds…

…the Knight’s screams and howls filled the chamber, then died down.

“The rest of you will do one more bidding for me before I release you to your personal hell which awaits you…”

“Anything my Liege…” spoke one of the Knights who fell to one of his red smoke like knees.

“You will seek out this Knight in his dreams, and you will destroy him…”




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