The Wounded Warrior – Rise


by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two – The Basics

Part Three -10 Knights Of Or’Agos

Part Four -Standing Still

Part Five – Past Comes Calling

Part Six – Memory

Part Seven – Calm As Water

Part VIII – The Darkness

Part IX – Ariq-Cu

Part X – The Fallen

PART XI – Rise

“We’re Coming For You…”

Vulnerasti Bellator rises in a sweat.

“Whose coming for me?” he speaks under his breath.

“PROFUGUS! YOU AWAKE?” the voice of Leevish Clou suddenly comes from the otherside of Bellator’s Inn door.

He wipes the sleep from his eyes, “Yes… I’ll be right there.”

Moments later Bellator, wearing his full set of Knights of Or’Agos armour comes down the stairs.

“Lordy,” speaks Leevish inadvertently, whose sitting with Ordo and Barook.

“Give me a moment boys,” speaks Laveesh, as he rises and approaches Bellator.

“What’s all this? The Knights of Or’Agos? So you are a Knight, I knew it,” he spoke.

Bellator smiles, “Lets take this outside.”

Leevish signals to the the twin Fighters that he’s stepping outside with Bellator.

Once outside, and in a separate space from the general populous, Bellator speaks.

“You were right… Yes, I’m a Knight of the Or’Agos Order… Or at least I was,” he begins.

“Was? There is no ‘was’ in that Order…” questions Leevish.

“Here me out… I’ve committed a crime, and I’ve been running from it, and I can run no longer… I’m turning myself in,” explains Bellator.

“My name is Vulnerasti Bellator, not Profugus as I led you to believe,” he continues.

“Turn yourself in?? Are you mad…” replies Leevish.

“I thank you for your help–” Bellator begins, but Leevish cuts in.

“Now you listen to me Knight… If it’s one thing I know, it’s a good man… There’s no way that you’ve done anything that deserves you any type of punishment,” Leevish says fiercely.

“Perhaps… But none the less, I must come clean with my subordinates.”

“Maybe you could tell me what you did,” Leevish requests.

Bellator’s eyes well up a bit, something they probably hadn’t done since he was a boy, “I’m not sure I have the strength to discuss it… Just know, that you are a friend, and I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

With this Leevish seems speechless… A trait he is not known for.

Leevish Clou then takes Bellator to his newly purchased tan colored steed, where he mounts, and rides off.

Suddenly Ordo and Barook appear by Leevish’s side.

“Is Profugus alright?” speaks Ordo.

“No lads… I don’t think he is,” replies Leevish.


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